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Proudly teaching Fertility Awareness to people of all genders

Why Learn Fertility Awareness? 

Natural Birth Control 

Achieve 99.4% contraceptive effectiveness without the side effects or environmental impacts of hormonal methods. 

Investigate the cause of unpredictable periods, or unusual bleeding

Charting you cycle will provide you with the data to understand unusual bleeding, and support regularity. 

Feel better prepared for bleeding

Anticipate when your period is coming - never get caught without menstrual products again!

First Menstruation? Peri-menopause? Breast / Chest feeding? Postpartum? 

Transition through cycle changes and reproductive events confidently and knowledgeably. 

Holistic assessment of fertility concerns 

Maximize your chances of conception, without expensive fertility drugs or invasive procedures.

Effectively time insemination / intercourse to achieve pregnancy

Use in-depth knowledge of your fertile period to time your insemination or intercourse - yes, you can make baby-making fun and stress free!

Heal severe (pre)menstrual symptoms

There's no need to suffer through menstrual pain. Learn how to heal painful periods, and support menstrual cycle wellness.

Discover allergies or food sensitivities and much more! 

There are many benefits to body literacy. Get in touch to arrange your free consultation today. 

Body Literacy

Learning the practice of Fertility Awareness means becoming body literate. When you learn to read and comprehend the signs and events of your reproductive system, the value, vitality, and unique rhythms of your body become clear. Through independently observing, charting, and interpreting menstrual cycle events, you can become attuned to the cycle of your whole-body health. Fertility Awareness gives you powerful self-knowledge to restore and sustain wellness at every stage of your sexual and reproductive life.

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